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HF-Scalping Robot for JForex

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JForex Robots
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890.00 $

Forex Robot for JForex platform.

Item Description
Forex Robot for JForex platform. HF-Scalping is high-frequency fully automated trading strategy for JForex platform, based on the price movement indicator and Keltner Channel Indicator.

The robot not only analyzes the length of the minute candles (M1), but also the temporal characteristics of the formation of candles (the formation of High and Low).

  • Currencies: EURUSD, AUDUSD
  • Platform JForex (DukasCopy)
  • Time frame: M1
  • Based on Keltner Channel Indicator
  • No martingale, No grid
  • With SL and TP
  • Risk:Medium
  • Sensitive for broker
  • Build-in money management
  • Do not need to reoptimize

Keltner Channel Explanation

Keltner channel is a technical analysis indicator showing a central moving average line plus channel lines at a distance above and below. The indicator is named after Chester W. Keltner (1909-1998) who described it in his 1960 book How To Make Money in Commodities. This name was applied by those who heard about it from him, but Keltner called it the ten-day moving average trading rule and indeed made no claim to any originality for the idea.

In Keltner's description the centre line is a 10-day simple moving average of typical price, where typical price each day is the average of high, low and close, typical\ price={high+low+close \over 3} The lines above and below are drawn a distance from that centre line, a distance which is the simple moving average of the past 10 days' trading ranges (i.e. range high to low on each day). The trading strategy is to regard a close above the upper line as a strong bullish signal, or a close below the lower line as strong bearish sentiment, and buy or sell with the trend accordingly, but perhaps with other indicators to confirm.

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