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MT4 Reports Combine Tool

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MT4 Tools
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combine mt4 reports

Item Description

MT4 Reports Combine Tool

This tool allows you to combine several MT4 strategy tester reports in to one report. For example you have several mt4 expert advisors and want to check how they will interact together. Will be the same periods of drawdown, or drawdown period of one mt4 ea will overlap period profitability of  another expert adviser.

You should make 4 easy steps:

1.Run MT4ReportParser.exe file

2.Press "Add reports to merge" button and select all the back tests (html format) that you want to merge in the resulting report (back test)

3. Press "Result report filename" button and select file name and destination folder for the resulting report (back test)

4.Press "Merge reports" buttom

Demo version

Demo version has restriction: cumulative back test will be generated on the basis of the first 15 entries of the original back tests.  Download link

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