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TRIX Divergence Strategy

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manual forex strategy

Item Description
Manual Trading Strategy based on TRIX divergence indicator, CandleBreaker Indicator, and Ergodic oscillator. TRIX divergence indicators  determine divergence between two picks fractals on chart and  two picks on oscillator. When the pick of a fractal is broken, we start to draw divergence, before  a peak in on the indicator is formed. The divergence signal is  has not yet formed! We  use CandleBreaker indicator as a filter.

trix divergence

  If pick on divergence indicator  is broken to, divergence signal will not appear, and our system will draw cross.

trix divergence 2

If divergence on TRIX is formed, our system will draw arrow. The system also will recommend Stop Loss level and Take Profits levels.

trix divergence 3

It is very important to understand how strong the trend, for this reason we use Ergodic oscillator. If Ergodic higher then 0, it is strong trend.


  When price will reach first Take profit level, system will recommend to move Stop Loss on break-even level.

trix divergence 6

But if  Ergodic oscillator is lower than 0, the system will show alert ” Caution, trend is slowing down, advise to move your SL closer”, and TP3  will not be probable.

trix divergence 7

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